SINGEK: Training workshop for ESRs on Genome Annotation

Workshop on Genome Annotation: Challenges in Eukaryotes and Consequences Evolutionary Genomics

13th-16th February 2018, Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls sur mer

This week, SINGEK ESRs have attended to this workshop on genomic annotation organized by Gwenaël PiganeauI (OBS Banyuls-CNRS) and Klaas VANDEPOELE (Ghent University, VIB), supervisors of the SINGEK individual research projects: “ESR9 – Genomic insights into interactions in green microalgae” and “ESR10 – New tools for genome annotation in unknown microeukaryote lineages“, respectively.

Among the lecturers and experts, François BUCCHINI (ESR10 at Ghent University, VIB) contributed to this training activity as a trainer during the hands-on sessions on the TRAPID tool for comparative and functional annotations.

Everybody made a great job!

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