Klaas Vandepoele is currently Professor at Ghent University -VIB (Ghent, Belgium) and leads the Comparative and Integrative Genomics group. Before, he was a Postdoctoral fellow of the FWO Vlaanderen, working on the “Evolutionary analysis of transcriptional regulation in plants and other eukaryotic organisms” at the Department of Plant Biotechnology and Genetics (Ghent University) – VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology. He was also a visiting scientist at Lab Observatoire Océanologique de Banyuls Laboratoire Arago, Banyuls-sur-Mer, France. He obtained his PhD in 2005 at Ghent University, Department of Molecular Genetics (Plant Systems Biology – VIB).

Our objective is to extract biological knowledge from large-scale experimental data sets using data integration, comparative sequence & expression analysis, and network biology. Through the development and application of various bioinformatics methods, we try to identify new aspects of genome biology, especially in the area of gene function prediction, gene regulation and evolutionary/systems biology. Developed computational tools include ATCOECIS, a toolbox for co-expression and cis-regulatory element analysis, and PLAZA, a resource for plant comparative genomics (includes >1 million genes from >30 sequenced plant genomes). Klaas Vandepoele published >75 papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals (H-index 34).