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SINGEK: New Early Stage Researcher SARA CASTILLO

New SINGEK Early Stage Researcher at UNEXE We are very happy to welcome a new SINGEK Early Stage Researcher: Sara Castillo Sara will be working on the research project “NOVEL MICROFLUIDICS FOR THE STUDY OF PREVIOUSLY UNCULTURED MICROEUKARYOTES” under the supervision of Dr. Stefano Pagliara (University of Exeter). In particular, she will use microfluidic devices in […]

L&O Special Issue: “Linking metagenomics to aquatic microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycles”

L&O Special Issue: “Linking metagenomics to aquatic microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycles”   Ramon Massana, SINGEK coordinator and supervisor of ESR1, will be Special Editor in the Limnology & Oceanography Special Issue entitled “Linking metagenomics to aquatic microbial ecology and biogeochemical cycles” and jointly edited by Special Editors Hans-Peter Grossart (Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries), Katherine […]

SINGEK: New paper about Genome Analyses of the Microalga Picochlorum and evolution of thermotolerance in the green lineage

A collaboration between different SINGEK teams from the Ghent University (VIB) and the Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls sur mer (OBS Banyuls-CNRS) has been established. Within this context, François BUCCHINI (SINGEK ESR10) has developed code to assess the gene space completeness in the newly sequenced Picochlorum genome and compared it with genomes of other green algae. From that, […]

SINGEK: New paper about evolutionary genomics of Metchnikovellidae, an early branching microsporidium

Congratulations Luis and Puri for that a new SINGEK paper published in Genome Biology and Evolution: “Evolutionary genomics of Metchnikovella incurvata (Metchnikovellidae), an early branching microsporidium” L. J. Galindo, G. Torruella, D. Moreira, H. Timpano, G. Paskerova, A. Smirnov, E. Nassonova, P. López-García   Heatmap illustrating the conservation of pathways and structures in metchnikovellids and neighbor […]

SINGEK: European Researchers’ Night 2018

Who is Who in European Science? EUROPEAN RESEARCHERS’ NIGHT 2018 28th September, 20h @ ImaginCafe (Barcelona)   This year, the SINGEK team will participate in the European Researchers’ Night 2018. In particular, the Early Stage Researchers will collaborate in the activity called WHO is WHO in EUROPEAN SCIENCE? This event will be held on Friday 28th of […]

Royal Society International conference on developing single cell methods (UK, December 2018)

Royal Society International conference on developing single cell methods December 2018, UK As part of the SINGEK Research Program, an international conference on developing single cell methods will be held in the UK, December 2018. This prestigious event funded by the Royal Society will be a two-day meeting “Single cell ecology”   in central London at the Royal […]

ASLO 2018 Summer Meeting

WATER CONNECTS !! ASLO 2018 Summer Meeting, 10th-15th June, Victoria (Canada) Water connects everything and everyone! Water transcends and connects all spheres: the lithosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere – from fresh to salty, from microscopic to macroscopic. Water connects us to each other and to resources – across cultures and society, across politics and international boundaries. […]

SINGEK: Training workshop for ESRs on Genome Annotation

Workshop on Genome Annotation: Challenges in Eukaryotes and Consequences Evolutionary Genomics 13th-16th February 2018, Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls sur mer This week, SINGEK ESRs have attended to this workshop on genomic annotation organized by Gwenaël PiganeauI (OBS Banyuls-CNRS) and Klaas VANDEPOELE (Ghent University, VIB), supervisors of the SINGEK individual research projects: “ESR9 – Genomic insights […]