ESR 10 – New tools for genome annotation in unknown microeukaryote lineages


  • Research project

    With the advent of next generation genome sequencing, the number of sequenced microeukaryote genomes and transcriptomes is rapidly growing. However, apart from browsing sequence data from a single species, integrating and exploring complete genome or transcriptome information from multiple species remains a major challenge. Here, we will obtain an overview of computational methodological strategies for analysing gene content from culturederived versus single cell derived microeukaryote genomes. Furthermore, we will develop tools to systematically perform functional annotation and integrate different types of microeukaryote sequence data through a comparative genomics framework. This will shed light on the origin and evolution of gene content and species/clade-specific gene families. Finally, we will further develop online resources and tools (see e.g. pico-PLAZA and TRAPID) for the analysis and dissemination of single cell genomics.

  • PhD Program

    PhD program Ghent University

  • Expected Results

    Integrative resources for the comparative and functional analysis of complete and incomplete genome and transcriptomics data. Application of newly developed methods and resources to phytoplankton datasets, including the analysis of gene family evolution (core and species/clade-specific gene families), HGT and gene functions/pathways.