Tara Oceans PhD offer / SYMBIOME

PhD POSITION AVAILABLE at Station Biologique de Roscoff – CNRS / UPMC

The project “SYMBIOME: an eco ‐systemic approach to eukaryotic symbioses in global photic plankton” offers a PhD position to a highly-motivated student with taste for ecology and biostatistics (and no fear for bioinformatics and plankton) to “unravel the main eukaryotic (protist) holobionts in the world plankton using the power of Tara Oceans size-fractionated combined datasets (metaB, T, G, microscopy)”.

This PhD thesis will be co-­supervised by Colomban de Vargas and Stéphane Audic (bioinformatics and statistics) at CNRS-­Roscoff, and Eric Pelletier (bio/systems ‐ informatics) at Genoscope.

– basic training in biology and ecology.
– skills in biostatistics (programming language Perl or Python, and R, in Unix/Linux)
– interest in ecology and evolution of marine eukaryotes and symbioses
– techniques of molecular biology and ecology

Send an email to Colomban de Vargas (vargas@sb-­roscoff.fr) and Eric Pelletier (ericp@genoscope.cns.fr) including:
– your detailed CV, including your academic record and research experience
– a motivation statement (why you are interested in this project, max. 500 words)
– a short essay commenting a paper you have recently read and that changed your vision of science (max.300 words).