Aurelie Labarre

I started my academic training in bioinformatics and genomics as a Bachelor and a graduate student at the University of Laval in Canada. A key part of my graduate work was studying the genomic evolution of eukaryotic micro-organisms within the Chlorophyceae lineage. To gain more direct work and research experience, I then moved to the UK to take part in a bioinformatics genome project of a Oomycete-related organism; followed by a metagenomic project in Norway in order to broaden my experimental and analytical skills. Through all these experiences, I have been fascinated by the world’s rich biodiversity and my progress in these research areas has inspired me to want to work more on the genomic diversity of marine protists.

The interdisciplinary nature of the SINGEK network makes it a perfect fit and allows me to experiment with data-mining of marine heterotrophic protists in many great institutions. My PhD project (ESR 1) will focus upon the extension of our knowledge of the biodiversity of the hidden heterotrophic micro-eukaryotes using single cell sequencing technology. It is a real opportunity to explore the diversity of marine micro-eukaryotes which will help us to understand their relative importance through studying specifics such as their metabolic function from a gene repertoire to more broad concepts such as the identification of their ecological functions.