Ramiro Logares investigates natural populations of microbes with the final aim of increasing our understanding of the links between microbial life and the functioning of ecosystems. His research is rather interdisciplinary, occurring in the interface between microbial molecular ecology, molecular evolution and computational biology. Specifically, he explores questions such as how microbial communities self-assemble, how community spatio-temporal patterns emerge and how microbial assemblages function as systems. To explore these questions, he combines multiple lab omics techniques (e.g. genomics, metagenomics, single-cell genomics) with bioinformatics and High-Performance computing. In 2007, he obtained his PhD in Marine Ecology and Limnology from Lund University (Sweden). Between 2008-2010, he was a Post-Doc at the Evolutionary Biology Centre in Uppsala University (Sweden). Since 2010, he has been working at the Institute of Marine Sciences (ICM-CSIC) in Barcelona.