SINGEK: ESRs participate in the ITN Science Slam Barcelona

ITN BCN Science Slam 2017

3rd of March, 21:00h, Bar mau mau (Barcelona)

Some SINGEK ESRs will participate in the ITN BCN Science Slam together with other PhD students from 6 different European Training Networks.

The ITN BCN Science Slam is a science communication event organized by the ITN Opathy (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona) where young scientists will explain their research projects in short 5/10-minute-talks that are easy to follow and afterwards the audience will get to vote.

During the short talks, the important thing will not be primarily the scientific outcome of their work, but to explain it in an understandable, entertaining and concise way. In this edition, the winner of the ITN BCN Science Slam will be invited to present his/her talk in the Science Slam of the Marie Curie Alumni Association in Salamanca, Spain on 24th of March.

The ITN BCN Science Slam will take place from 21:00 to 22:30 in the bar “mau mau”.


bar mau mau

Fontrodona 35

08004 Barcelona


You can follow news from this event via Twitter at @SINGEK_ITN., @OpathyITN