Jari Iannnucci

Last January I achieved a Master Degree in Engineering of Nanotechnology with honors at ’Sapienza University of Rome’, with an experimental dissertation on ’High slope biochemical gradient for cell migration studies’. This involved a one-year internship at Institute of Bioengineering of Catalunya (IBEC) in Barcelona.

During my master project at IBEC I studied the haptotaxis, a specific cell migration phenomenon driven by a surface biochemical gradient. The main purpose was to understand how variation in the concentration of a particular protein affects cellular motion. The work was developed in two parts. In the experimental part, I constructed a microfluidic device for making the biochemical gradient and then I was involved in the cell proliferation on it. Then, I performed a statistical analysis of the collected data by using my own code that I have written in MATLAB. Previously I got a Bachelor Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Sapienza, University of Rome.

I will be working as ESR 12 in the SINGEK Consortium under the supervision of Dr Stefano Pagliara, in Bioscience at the University of Exeter. I will perform novel microfluidic technologies to realize compartments of single cells sampled. This will allow me to identify previously uncultured microbial species dwelling in soil and marine sediments environments by performing DNA sequencing, phylogeny analysis and microscopy studies and will inform us about the interactions between the different species present in those ecosystems.